Oil Dependence on Rogue States

Please consider the Top World Oil Exporters listed on the left. Can you find Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela? Now, please consider the following:

1. Saudi Arabia has funded and supported Islamic Wahhabi schools and madrassas throughout the world. Wahhabi schools and madrassas teach students to wage jihad against the infidel (non-Muslims). Saudi Arabia and Saudi-backed Islamist charities nurtured and financed the al-Qaeda terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center in New York.

2. Iran has funded and supported Hezbollah Lebanese terrorists since 1982. President Ahmadinejad of Iran has consistently threatened Israel with annihilation from 2005 to the present day (October 2010). In defiance of the United Nations, Iran has been developing nuclear weapons for more than 10 years - most authorities believe they will have nuclear weapons by the end of 2011 or earlier.

3. Venezuela has funded the FARC Columbian rebels from 2005 to the present day. As recently as July 2010, President Chavez of Venezuela has threateded to cut off oil sales to the United States. Chavez has met repeatedly with Ahmadinejad and other Iranian leaders, as recently as October 2010.

Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela are clearly rogue nations. They are a major threat to the peace of the planet. The Saudi supported al-Qaeda has already brought the US economy to its knees; and if Iran chooses to start a nuclear war with Israel, all of civilization will be threatened. Yet, we are all buying oil from these criminals! (See Top World Oil Importers on the left.)

Giving another nation money to threaten or destroy one's own nation is called treason.  One can (and should) be executed for treason.  Also, giving a nation money to kill Jews constitutes genocide or mass murder, or certainly a “hate” crime. One can (and should) be executed for that, as well.  If you give money to a country that supports such crimes, that certainly makes you an accessory.  Most of us (including Israel) are doing exactly that - we are giving billions of dollars to rogue nations who want to destroy us; and we are giving billions of dollars to nations who want to kill Jews. Oh. You say we are NOT buying oil from Iran? Actually, we are: oil is a commodity just like wheat, gold, and coal. The price is determined world-wide on a daily basis.  Money goes into the giant commodity pool, and oil comes out.  Worst case: it can actually be documented that Israel buys oil from Iran!

We must put an end to depending on rogue nations for oil. To do that, we will need lots of electric cars and trucks. (We can't use biofuel: it is carbon-based - the same as petroleum - and other factors make it even worse than petroleum! We CAN use hydrogen for fuel, but we need electricity to make it.) To charge those cars and trucks - or make hydrogen - we will need lots more electricity.

That electricity cannot continue to come from carbon-based fuels. Alternative sources such as wind and solar won't work. We need a new, large-scale, dependable supply of electricity. The answer may well be the Polywell.