We need to fund, build and test a full-sized 100 megawatt Polywell Power Plant as soon as possible:

Pass the Word!

Your friends, relatives, and acquaintances need to hear from you!

They need to see the Polywell as an energy solution promising safe cheap dependable quantities of electricity 24/7 with NO nuclear emission and NO carbon dioxide release.

They need to understand that when the time comes to increase funding, a lot of public support -to counter the naysaying of special interests- may well be required. The most recent (September 2009) contract for Polywell development between the US Navy and EMC2 is for about $8 million dollars - enough for Polywell development work on a small scale. But once the r^7 math function and the p-B11 fuel have been verified, EMC2 will be ready to build a full-scale 100 megawatt Polywell. Then, considerably more money will be required, and it is in our national interest to make sure that the money is appropriated! EMC2 will need about $350 million to build a full-scale 100 megawatt pB11 polywell prototype. Because of the r^7 math function explained elsewhere, anything less will make very little sense.

They need to know that a commercially viable Polywell could restore the US balance of payments problem, and restore the United States as an economic force. There is a market world-wide for tens of thousands of Polywells. The United States could be Polywell vendor to the whole planet. 10,000 Polywells times $200 million/Polywell would be $2 Trillion dollars in cash receipts for our ailing economy!

They need to understand that many billions in federal dollars are being appropriated to Wind, Solar, Biofuel, and Deuterium-Tritium fusion, while less than one percent (1%) as much is being appropriated to the Polywell. Wind, Solar, Biofuel, and Deuterium-Tritium fusion are not nearly as promising as the Polywell in their potential to solve our planet's long-term energy problems.

They need to realize that the Polywell's limited funding is coming from the Navy and not DOE; that Navy funding for Polywell research has been low in part because DOE objects when the Navy wants to spend more; and DOE's position has been that basic fusion reseach is DOE's responsibility, and not the Navy's. But ironically, DOE will not fund the Polywell because DOE is top-heavy with plasma physicists who have been trained in the Deuterium-Tritium version of fusion which characterizes the DOE funded Tokamak/ITER and Laser/NIF programs. Many of these DOE plasma physicists have spent their adult careers researching the Deuterium-Tritium version of nuclear energy, and it is hard for some of them to accept the possibility of another approach. If this silly little turf war is truly the reason for Polywell's minimal funding, then that turf war must end.

The $350 million in funding must be ready for Dr Jayoung Park and his team at EMC2 as in San Diego just soon as they need it. (The potential $2 Trillion in sales mentioned earlier would be a huge boon to our ailing economy - more than 5700 times the original $350 million cost for a full scale Polywell prototype! Your friends, relatives, and acquaintances need to be thinking about that!)

They need to hear from you!

If you don't tell them, it will not happen. Still not convinced? Click HERE.