p-B Reaction

Energy from the nuclear fusion of Hydrogen (p) and Boron (B) can safely provide enough energy to replace the energy we currently get from carbon-based fuels. The Hydrogen and Boron fuels, the reaction, and the products are completely safe: they are non-toxic & they emit NO hazardous radiation.

Hydrogen is the "H" in "H2O" and is easily separated from water by electrolysis. The necessary Boron can easily be recovered from naturally occurring Boxax found in South-western US and Turkey. This is the same Borax that is sold as a cleaning compound in supermarkets. Before he was President, Ronald Reagan once sold Borax on TV.

Electrons are stripped from both the boron and hydrogen atoms, to expose their nuclei. (A hydrogen nucleus is called a proton - this is the "p" in the p-B reaction.) These nuclei are positively charged, so they can be accelerated to a high rate of speed by the electric field created in a Polywell. This high speed is necessary to overcome the natural electrical repulsion between the nuclei. The proton and Boron nuclei collide at the center of the Polywell, producing this reaction:

The addition of the proton makes the Boron nucleus unstable, and it disintegrates into three Helium nuclei (called alpha particles). These are the nuclei of the same Helium atoms that are found in Helium balloons - completely harmless.

When one proton and one Boron nucleus turn into three Helium nuclei, a small amount of mass is lost. This mass is turned into 0.0000000000015 Joules of energy, which doesn't sound like much, but this amount of energy becomes quite significant when we consider how many Boron atoms there are in just two teaspoons of Boron.

To find the energy contained in two teaspoons of Boron, we multiply:

To see just how much energy that is, consider that an F-16 fighter with a typical load of fuel and weapons weighs about 14,400 kg. Also consider that the speed required for a body to escape the Earth's gravity and go to the moon is 11,201 m/sec.

Fusion of 2 tsp of Boron makes enough energy to send an F-16 to the moon!

The Polywell nuclear reactor is one way that such energy can be released.